HBW - How to Catch an Editor’s Attention!

Good morning friends. Today is the last day of our Handmade Business Weekend, and we’ve got a fabulous article to share from Vanessa Carnevale, Editor of Mindful Parenting Magazine. We’re also giving SIX lucky {KID} independent readers the chance to score themselves a free placement in a full page advert in the next issue of Mindful Parenting Magazine.

How to Catch an Editor’s Attention!

How to Catch an Editor’s Attention!

Whilst print advertising might form a part of your marketing strategy, and can be an effective form of exposure for your business, research shows that ads that look like editorial articles get a lot more readership than ads that, well… look like ads. The impact of an editorial is said to be three times that of paid advertising.

So what does that mean for you?

It means your Press Release or Media Pitch needs to be really good!

If you need help telling the difference, a pitch is basically a suggested story idea and is shorter than a press release. It is pretty much a teaser for a story, whereas a press release is newsworthy and longer. Some editors may publish a press release as it is written.

So when you write your release or pitch there are a few things to bear in mind.

Think about things from an editor’s point of view. On a personal level an editor might think you and your product or service is great. But that’s not the only thing an editor is looking at when they receive your press release or media pitch. Your editor has the “readers” at the forefront of his/her mind. And what that means, is that the editor is not concerned with “selling” your product for you no matter how fabulous it might be or how much he/she might like it. The editor is concerned with providing the “readers” with information that informs, inspires, educates, or entertains them. There has to be a wow factor and it has to be newsworthy.

Bearing this in mind should help you determine the angle of your pitch or release.


  1. It must have a hook to ensure it stands out from an overfull inbox. You need to have a compelling intro to ensure the editor reads past the first few lines. Pay attention to a catchy headline too.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the publication you’re pitching to. Find out the editor’s name if you can. Personalising it shows you have done some research.

  3. Read up on how to correctly write a Media Pitch or Press Release. Follow the format and have someone proofread it for you prior to sending out.If you don’t feel confident enough, have a professional write one for you.

  4. Always include a link to your website along with contact details. Make it easy for the editor to find more information or contact you.

  5. Follow up with the editor after a “reasonable” amount of time.

Remember, you don’t have to only pitch to the media. Bloggers are also worth contacting.

Happy Writing & Good Luck!

Vanessa Carnevale – Editor of Mindful Parenting Magazine is a writer, small business coach, speaker and the Publisher/Editor of Mindful Parenting magazine. She’s also a happy mum of two beautiful children and a fluffy white dog. Connect with Vanessa via Facebook.

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