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Good morning all! If you live south of the Equator and you’re enjoying the crisp Australian winter, then this post is filled with so much cuddly warmth it’ll bring a smile to your dial and a toastiness to your tiny tots. Introducing Mellebug, home of Boo Bear and friends!

Mellebug Boo Bear Lupin Heatpacks

The Product Review

There couldn’t be a better time of year to review the Boo Bear Lupin Heat Pack by Mellebug. This week in the {KID} independent household it’s been Cold with a capital C, and as such, we’ve been a family of unglamorous flannel PJs and fuzzy slippers. In fact, as I type this post, I’m sitting here with Boo Bear on my lap, and a bright pink hand knitted nana beanie on my head. Ahh, the joys of working from home!

So let’s get down to the review. Of course the first thing about Boo Bear that tickled my fancy was his sleepy face and general cuteness. I love the felt detailing in his little snoots and the brightness of his big red ears. This particular Boo Bear is wearing a top made from Little Red Riding Hood fabric with a caramel corduroy backing. He is very well made, and is double stitched for safety and durability.

The thing that I like most, however, is what’s on the inside! Boo Bear is filled with 100% Australian Lupin. Lupin is 30% lighter than old fashion wheat, retains heat longer, is low allergenic and moisture resistant. The kids like the sound that the Lupin makes when you cuddle Boo Bear, which apparently you can dance to as well (somewhat similar to Maracas)!

The Verdict… Adorable, Huggable and Toasty Warm!

The Indie Label

Mellebug was launched a little over a year ago by designer and Mum, Rebecca, however her passion for sewing and creating came about after the birth of her daughter 5 years ago. Rebecca explains, “I started making bits and pieces for my daughter and even attempted my first quilt. I was introduced to the world of crafting on the web with tutorials and patterns freely available, wow. I followed by making my own blog and shared my crafting journey along with some sewing tutorials that have covered the globe”.

It was with the encouragement of other crafting Mums that Rebecca met along the way that she decided to opened Mellbug, primarily selling reversible and adjustable hats. A perfect summer line. Then, to keep herself busy during the cooler months, she decided to try her hand at making heat packs.

The Creative Mind

Rebecca is Mum to two little ones, her daughter is 5 and her son is 3. She chose her business name in honour of her daughters nickname, “mellebug”. Rebecca explains, “When my daughter was born I gave her the nickname ‘mellebug’, different and little quirky, perhaps one could say ‘just like me’. It was only fitting to use this name, as she was the one who really kicked started my love of sewing”.

I asked Rebecca to describe how the design of her signature Boo Bear came about…

“I wanted to create something unique, different, something that will set me apart from all the other crafty mummas out there. I also wanted it to appeal to children (but many adults too have bought one just for themselves) as mine are my world. I think I have achieved that. The Boo Bear has been well received and my most valuable critics, my children absolutely love theirs. My daughter sleeps with hers all year round under her t-shirt, even un-heated.

I like the fact that there are a few elements that go into making the bears, sewing, hand-sewing, drawing/painting and deciding which fabric combinations to choose from. I love using 100% cotton fabrics that are colourful and fun.  I also use 100% wool felt on the face and corduroy for the reverse. I only ever make 4 of the one design combination, partly so I can buy more fabric but also to give them that uniqueness I am looking for in a product.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Rebecca (in her own words)…

  1. My second passion aside from sewing is to bake. I also love to eat these yummy baked goods. Eating wholesome foods cooked like our grandmothers did is an essential key in raising healthy children. This is very important to me and I do my best to make sure they are given the best start in life.

  2. I like to think of this as my ‘pre child’ life as they are worlds apart now but before I had kids I was a science teacher with a love of the human anatomy. It might explain my love of Greys Anatomy, or is it Mc Dreamy or Mc Steamy?

  3. My favourite down time is to go op-shopping. Kiss my kids goodbye, turn my phone off and just spend a few hours sifting through clothes. Its amazing what people throw out that I am more than happy to love again.

The Handmade Collection

The Mellebug collection includes a range of handmade children’s hats, dinosaur costumes and Lupin products. You can view the full range in Rebecca’s Madeit or Etsy stores, or visit her on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news.

Mellebug Boo Bear Lupin Heatpacks, Hats, Dinosaur Costumes

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