Recess Monkey Present... In Tents!

You may remember from previous posts that we’re huge fans of kindy rockers Recess Monkey and their playful, upbeat musical stylings. Next week (19 June, 2012) they will be releasing their brand new album “In Tents” and we’re super excited about it. In fact, it’s been on repeat in the KID independent household for the past few days and today I’m chuffed to share a few tracks with you.

Recess Monkey In Tents

The scene is set with the intro lyrics to the title track “In Tents”… “Our troupe is a spectacle of sight and sound. And we’re headed straight for your town. This caravan holds a marvellous menagerie. A circus everyone must see!”… and then continues on a circus-inspired adventure of hijinks and tomfoolery that is tailored towards kids aged 3 – 8 (and frankly, anyone else who loves an exciting escapade).

My top picks from this album are “Human Cannonball” (try this one in your lounge room, you know you want to), “Sit and Spin” (so visual), “Carousel” (a beautifully chilled out lullaby), and “The Dancin’ Bear” (um, it has a dancing bear), and “I Could See (Magically)” (if you have a child who wears specs, this one is super cool).

You’ll also find a bunch of other offbeat oddities on this album such as “Odditorium”, the story of a little boy with a bug museum and his big sister who is collecting fuzz from the tumble dryer to make a pillow!

Other highlights include the 32-page story booklet that accompanies each CD, with photography from Kevin Fry and illustration by Jarret J. Krosockza; and awesome guest spots from Lunch Monkey, Sugar Free Allstars and The Pop Ups.

For our USA readers, be sure to get your tickets to see Recess Monkey on their live “In Tents” tour. It’s going to be a spectacle to behold! When are you coming down under guys!?

Pre-order the hard copy online at Recess Monkey!

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