ShirLaLa - Earth Worm Disco + Oz Tour

This week on the {KID} independent turntables we’re spinning “Earth Worm Disco” by ShirLaLa. Singer, songwriter and creative soul behind ShirLaLa, Shira Kline, is currently greening it up downunder in Sydney and Melbourne as part of the three-day Limmud Oz festival of Jewish learning in Melbourne and the one-day Yom Limmud festival in Sydney.

Earth Worm Disco - ShirLaLa - Shira Kline

Earth Worm Disco is a culmination of Shira’s lifelong passion for environmental activism, combined with her magical spirit and expressive imagination. Headlining the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day in New York this year, the album has garnered worldwide acclaim.

I especially love the title track “Roll Up On Your Tricycle” for it’s healthy feel-good message and groovy beats. I also dig “Reduce Reuse Recycle & Rock (The story of our trash and what we can do with it)”, the lovably geeky “Way Up There”, and the boppy “The Sun Shines Down On Every One”.

Earth Worm Disco - ShirLaLa - Shira Kline

You can listen to some sample tracks from Earth Worm Disco at the ShirLaLa website.

You can see ShirLaLa live at Yom Limmud in Sydney on Sunday 17 June, 2012.

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