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Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another Designer of the Week, and I’m delighted to introduce Tania from Squiggle and Stitch. Tania creates a bright and bubbly collection of handmade goodies, and also runs a series of Art & Craft Workshops. In front of our review panel today, we have two deliciously designed personalised cushions.

Squiggle and Stitch Personalised Cushions

The Product Review

It’s always super fun for me when our weekly review creates giant smiles and squeals of delight from our itty bitty testers. This week’s recipients went all kinds of crazy for these personalised cushions. I’m not sure if it was the colours, the personalisation or the cupcakes and ice creams, but I can report that the cushions are now proudly displayed on their bunk beds at night time… and carried all about the house during the day.

There’s a lot to like about these cute creations. First and foremost, I adore Tania’s selection of colours and fabrics. I also love the fact that there are no zips or buttons in the design, making the cushions safe for all ages. Lastly, the covers are removable, which is an absolute must for ease of washing. Note: they’re even cuter in person than in these photos.

The Verdict… Cheerful, Creative and Colourful

The Indie Label

Tania launched Squiggle and Stitch in April 2011 whilst on maternity leave with her 2nd child. She explains, “In my ‘other’ job I am a secondary school art and textiles teacher and whilst I wasn’t really missing being in a classroom I was missing having a creative outlet of some sort. Like a lot of other WAHMs I was also looking for a way that I could earn a small income and still be at home with my kids”.

“I have always been a lover of handmade so I found myself drawn to the many handmade businesses that had started up on facebook and that were at markets I frequented. I realised that I had a lot in common with the women running these businesses so after some encouragement from friends I decided to have a go at starting my own label.”… and we’re very glad you did, Tania!

The Creative Mind

Tania is mum to two beautiful girls, 5 and 2 years old. When asked about her design inspiration, Tania cites her love of textile design and fabrics. She explains, “I have always loved textile design and look for fabrics that connect with me in one way or another. Sometimes it’s the colours, other times it’s a bold print or an intricate pattern. I choose a fabric that I love and let that dictate what I make with it. Even my fabrics scraps are put to good use in the little tag toys I make for babies”.

The name Squiggle and Stitch was chosen to represent both sides of Tania’s business; her beautiful handmade goodies, and her kids art and craft workshops. During the July school holidays, Tania is running a “Can Robots” workshop for kids (in Hawthorn, VIC). Awesome!

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Tania (in her own words)…

  1. At school the last thing I ever wanted to be was a teacher but somehow I ended up teaching and loved it.
  2. I enjoy the simple things in life…. coffee at a local cafe, watching the kids play at the park on a gorgeous sunny day, a good bowl of mums pasta, champagne in the company of friends, watching my favourite TV shows on the couch in my PJs. All of these things pretty much rock my world.
  3. I love surprises. I didn’t ever contemplate finding out what sex I was having for either of my pregnancies and I love unwrapping presents at Christmas and Birthdays not knowing what’s inside.

The Handmade Collection

The Squiggle and Stitch collection includes a range of kids decor and accessories including cushions, bags, doorstops, hairclip holders, baby toys and buntings. You can also find out more about the Squiggle and Stitch art and craft workshops via Tania’s Facebook page.

Squiggle and Stitch Personalised Cushions

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