The Cat's Pajamas - Backseat Driver

Hey folks, if you’re planning a road trip on the school holidays, this new release album from The Cat’s Pajamas is just for you. The vibe is old school, offbeat and bubbly with addictive four-part harmonies and a hint of musical comedy. The CD comes complete with a lyrical map, so the kids can follow along and sing out loud.

The Cat's Pajamas - Backseat Driver

My favourite tracks on this album are “How many people in a family” for the funky beats, and “I love my toes” and “Alphabet Soup” for their bluesy sound. I also dig the grooves on “Five Little Buns” and the message behind “Building a better world”.

You can purchase Backseat Driver, or download a free MP3, at The Cat’s Pajamas website.

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