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Good morning folks. It’s a cold and rainy day here in Brisbane and if there’s one thing that can brighten up my mood, it’s a fabulous handmade product review! Today’s tiny tot style comes all the way from Montana, USA by way of Lauren from Wee Stitchery. Introducing the Wee Wool Bomber Hat!

Wee Stitchery Upcycled Kids Wee Wool Bomber Hat

The Product Review

When this delightful little Bomber Hat arrived in the post earlier this week, I had to wrestle it off my husband who promptly claimed it and attempted to put it on his head. After I had saved it from a certain seam-explosion, it made its way onto the curly mop top of little mister 2.5 and went for a test drive through the halls of the Lions AFL club, much to the delight of onlookers.

Taking pen to paper to jot down my favourite aspects of the Wee Wool Bomber Hat, I came up with the following…

  • Love the vintage wool blend fabric.
  • Herringbone pattern is nostalgic and charming!
  • Ear flaps are both cosy and adorable.
  • Construction is excellent.
  • Fleece lining is super soft.
  • Machine wash? Yes!!
  • Tumble Dry? Yes!!

The Verdict… Cosy, Creative and Nostalgic – A winter wardrobe staple.

The Indie Label

Wee Stitchery came to life in late 2011 while designer Lauren was enjoying her first summer with her first child. Lauren explains, “I found an apron at a garage sale and thought, ‘This would make a lovely dress for Maya’.  It just took off from there and I began sewing more and more, and coming up with more designs, mostly inspired by my daughter”.

Lauren chose the name “Wee Stitchery” with the help of her friend, a graphic designer, who created her logo. Lauren was searching for a name that would embody her creations, but also leave room to grow, as the creative process is always taking her in new directions. Lauren says, “Wee Stitchery.  I love that it relates to children, but as I’ve begun making things for adults as well, I think it can mean a small stitchery, as in a one woman operation”.

The Creative Mind

Lauren is Mum to 16 month old Maya, who is also her creative muse. In describing her design process, she says, “I come up with new ideas for designs all the time, the trouble is finding the time to pursue them.  I think of things as I’m falling asleep or driving, I’m always thinking of new designs, or ways to improve existing ones.  I’m so inspired by my daughter, and what types of things I’d like for her.  Either a necessity, like the bomber hats for our cold Montana winters, or a luxury, like the dresses made from vintage fabrics.  I also love the challenge of repurposing fabrics. I like giving them a second life as clothing for a little one.”

Lauren loves to create understated pieces, in earthy colours, and vintage styles. Each piece is 100% unique, and most are made from vintage and upcycled materials. For example, the Wee Wool Bomber Hat above is made from vintage wool, salvaged from a men’s sport coat.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Lauren (in her own words)…

  1. I spent a year and a half travelling from Mexico to the Patagonia by bus, boat, and foot.

  2. My grandmother was a seamstress and designer in NYC before she met my grandfather, moved to a farm and raised six kids.

  3. I love being outside, in my garden or the mountains surrounding my home.

The Handmade Collection

The Wee Stitchery collection includes a range of hats, dresses, skirts, tops and accessories. Lauren is always happy to create custom orders, and this month is offering 15% off for fans of Wee Stitchery on Facebook!

Wee Stitchery Upcycled Kids Wee Wool Bomber Hat

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