All on a Sunday Afternoon - Sugar Free Allstars

Sunday afternoons in the {KID} household are usually filled with some kind of crafty, creative or sporty activity, with some funky beats rocking out in the background for inspiration. Spinning on the decks this week is the aptly named “All on a Sunday Afternoon” by Chris “Boom!” Wiser and Rob “Dr. Rock” Martin from the Sugar Free Allstars.

All on a Sunday Afternoon - Sugar Free Allstars

“All on a Sunday Afternoon” launches straight into a series of funky beats with the wake-up-smiling anthem “Gotta Get Up” which features vocals by Jack Forman of Recess Monkey and Shawana Kemp of Shine and the Moonbeams. I wonder if I could program this into my alarm clock? Check out the awesome stop motion music video directed by Kyle Roberts, Reckless Abandonment Pictures.

Other tops picks off this album are the hilarious story-interruptus tale of the “Hiccup” which is good for a giggle or two. “Best Friend” which is just darn sweet, “99 Questions” for its tongue-in-cheek evangelical intro, and “Stay Up Late”, a send-up of the Talking Heads classic.

I also love the title tack “Sunday Afternoon” which features Ezra and Keith from Trout Fishing in America. This one has been stuck in my head all afternoon, and I just dare you to try to listen to it without getting your Stevie Wonder groove on.

You’ll can purchase All on a Sunday Afternoon via the Sugar Free Allstars website.

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