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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting Erwin from playful Spanish children’s label BeeeTú. This week I’m delighted to welcome Erwin, his wife Anita, and their two little helpers, Max and Sara, as our collective Designers of the Week! In review today is the BeeeTú Sightseeing T-shirt.

BeeeTú Sightseeing T-shirt, Children's Clothing

The Product Review

This week, with the help of Mr 2.5, I took the BeeeTú Sightseeing T-shirt on a test drive… literally. The star of show was the removable van which features velcro backing and can attach to the t-shirt along the grey strip of road, or in the sky to a white fluffy cloud.

Have you ever seen a van fly? I have, over couches, off balconies, out windows and on a trampoline. I must say, from a grownup perspective, one of the best things about the BeeeTú van is that it’s made from fabric, which means no loud crashes! Of course, it’s also a whole lot of fun.

What else do I love about the BeeeTú Sightseeing T-shirt? 1. It’s made from soft 100% cotton in a modern colour combo which wears and washes well; 2. It provides tons of entertainment for the wearer; and, 3. It’s great for stimulating conversations and imaginations.

The Verdict… Imaginative, Playful and Speedy (when worn by an active toddler)

The Indie Label

BeeeTú was launched in 2011 after a holiday on the canary island of Lanzarote. Erwin explains, “We were on holidays and our daughter Sara (3 years old at the time) got the chicken pocks. We were forced to spend more time in the holiday apartment to avoid Sara getting to much sun. During this time, Sara came up with the idea to glue the shells we found at the beach onto her shirt. After we came back from holidays we started the process of developing clothes with the added fun of toys fitted with Velcro”.

When it came to choosing a name for their label, it was their son, 2 year old Max, who came up with the goods. “During the same holidays we were visiting a children’s farm and one of the goats was jumping onto the fence and started bleating beee beee beee. Max was a bit scared of the goat and kept a safe distance! When we left, Max stepped away a bit, turned around and shouted beee Tú… (Tú means you in Spanish). We found this so funny and cheeky that we decided that this had to be the name for our clothes”.

The Creative Mind

The BeeeTú collection is inspired by daily life, featuring three themes of water, road and air. Erwin (the business mind) and his wife Anita (the creative mind) live in Girona, which is close to the sea and the airport. You can also see a little bit of their family in all of the BeeeTú toys.  The van is daddy’s daily driver, the kids love to draw, and Mama Anita is a graphic designer who transforms ideas into reality.

Erwin explains, “Our whole family is involved in BeeeTú. Mama Anita designs and creates, Papa Erwin does the sales, press and production. Sara and Max are also involved in the designing process and have to give their thumbs up for new designs. They are also modelling in the pictures and are trying everything before production”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Erwin (in his own words)…

  1. When we do not work we will try to go to the beach as much as we can.

  2. We have a cat called Floepie who is diabetic. We have to pinch him twice a day.

  3. More than 10 years living abroad, we still import candy from Holland.

We are a Dutch family living in Spain. We love the lifestyle here. The sun, sea, mountains and very nice food makes us very happy. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning almost certain there will be sunshine.  We love to go to the beach if we can or going to ski in the winter.

Limited Edition

The BeeeTú collection is made from 100% cotton (the toys are made from fleece) and includes a fun selection of t-shirts and dresses for babies and kids. You can find BeeeTú in Australia at My Cute Baby.

BeeeTú Children's Clothing, Toys, Fun T-shirts

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