Creative Cravings... Oh Snap!

A big happy Friday to you! In pursuit of cool t-shirts this week I stumbled upon the “Say Cheese” Robot Photographer Tee from Botodesigns (top left) and thought he’d make a fun theme for a fabulous Friday. I hope you enjoy this little selection, and it sends you off to a wonderfully whimsical and perfectly playful weekend.

Kids Camera Onesies, T-shirts, Art, Booties, Toys

  1. Say Cheese Robot Photographer Tee by botodesigns
  2. Felt Camera Baby Onesie by The African Llama
  3. Camera and Binoculars Baby Shoes by Growing Up Wild
  4. Retro Camera Print by Sweet Harvey
  5. Super 8 Camera Organic Lap Tee by Film Monsters
  6. Instagram Amigurumi Crochet Camera by Silayaya
  7. Take a Picture Tee by Apericots
  8. Snap Shot Camera Baby by Scribbles


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