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In today’s fast paced world, the ability to slow down into a calm and relaxed state is a skill that is extremely useful for adults, and even more so for kids. I was first introduced to the concept of guided relaxation many years ago during a drama workshop, and today I’d like to introduce Australian business Dinosnores, home of guided relaxation for kids.

Dinosnores Sleepy Stories for Kids

Dinosnores is a collection of stories and soundscapes that use relaxation and visualisation techniques to teach children how to slow down and relax, ready for sleep. The range is developed by childcare and child language experts, with each CD featuring calming vocal rhythms and soothing natural sounds.

This month Dinosnores is releasing five new sleepy stories titles, perfect to snuggle up with on a chilly winter evening, and we’ve invited three local families to try them out!

Fairy Sleepy Stories
We switched our usual bedtime book for the Fairy Sleepy Stories last night. The CD tells a story about the busy lives of little fairies and what they do at the end of a long day. It encourages kids to close their eyes, slow down their breathing and visualise themselves inside the magical land of the fairy. We loved it! This would be fantastic to use at kindy or pre-school during quiet time. I was tempted to put it on again when it was time for me to hit the hay! Lisa (Mum), Jessica (3) and Sienna (6).

Kitten Sleepy Stories
We tried out the Kitten Sleepy Stories with our 3 year old daughter, Missy, who has never been fond of bedtime. She is however fond of cats, and was transfixed by the purring in the background of this CD. In fact, as I lay next to her listening to the CD, I felt my own breathing slow down to match the rhythms of the CD and started to drift off to sleep… at 7pm! I’m really looking forward to trying this again tonight. Kathryn (Mum) and Missy (3).

Pterosaur Sleepy Stories
When I read that our CD was called Pterosaur, taking into consideration that I am the Mum of two boys aged 4 and 6, I thought, this is going to turn bedtime into a pantomime, not relaxation time! However, the soothing vocals and background sounds are great. After answering a tirade of questions such as, “what’s a Pterosaur?”, and “Can dinosaurs fly?”, I convinced the boys to listen to the CD to see if they could find the answers themselves. They were asleep before the beginning of track two. Georgia (Mum), Tristan (4) and Max (6).


Along with the sleepy stories mentioned above, the Dinosnores collection also includes tales about Dragons, Tyrannosaurus, and Mermaids. The collection has won a myriad of awards, including the Creative Child Magazine CD of the Year Award 2012 for Fairy Sleepy Stories.

Competition - Giveaway - WinThis week, one lucky {KID} independent reader will win a Dinosnores gift pack containing four sleepy stories CDs (full prize details below). To enter, visit Dinosnores, peruse the CD collection, and then submit your answer through the Rafflecopter widget below. You can also score extra entries into the prize draw by joining us on Facebook or tweeting about the giveaway. Ends on 19 July, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize contains…

  1. Fairy sleepy story (Winner of CD of year 2012)
  2. Mermaid sleepy story (Winner of CD of the year 2011)
  3. Dragon sleepy story (Winner of seal of excellence)
  4. Tyrannosaurus sleepy story (Winner of seal of excellence)

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