{KID} Tested - Dirtgirlworld Scrapbook

I love the sustainable living ethos behind dirtgirlworld and was chuffed this week to receive my very own copy of the dirtgirlworld scrapbook, designed by our friend Cath from Leaf. Paper for Life! The quality of this journal is absolutely superb, but it was watching the inspired imagination of our little tester that really got me smiling.

Dirtgirlworld Scrapbook

The dirtgirlworld scrapbook is fully expandable, and can become a daily diary, a garden journal, a recipe book, an art pad, a field guide or just about anything else! It is printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper and contains a bunch of fun ideas for your scrapbook, 64 heavy weight dirtgirlworld blank pages, 1 sheet of full colour scraps to cut and paste, 2 sheets of craft papers, plus loads of other fun scraps on the inside of the packaging. You can also garden journal expansion pack, which was one of our favourite parts during our review.

Dirtgirlworld Scrapbook

One of the things that I like most about items such as this one, is that it provides inspiration to get kids interested in the environment, the world around them and a multitude of earthly adventures. It also provides a place to record, share, and reminiscence about such adventures which builds self-esteem and creativity. The dirtgirlworld scrapbook is durable enough to last throughout the years, perhaps even long enough to share with their own kids one day!

Dirtgirlworld Scrapbook, Diary, Journal

You can purchase the dirtgirlworld scrapbook online through Leaf.

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  • This is GORGEOUS!!! If my little man was old enough for it, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. What a fantastic way for kids to get into gardening and to show their friends.

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