Creative Cravings... IKAT Candy

This morning I’d like to celebrate the beginning of the weekend in style, with a tribute to IKAT! I quite adore the enchanting colour palettes and pretty patterns in these IKAT fabrics, and would happily add one of each to my wardrobe! Accessories, Shoes, Tops, Hair Clips, Tutus… you name it!

Ikat Shoes, Tops, Clothing, Children's, Womens, Fabric

  1. Ikat Damask iPhone Case by Patty Sloniger
  2. Ikat Print Navy + Turquoise Skirt by Yarn & Cloth
  3. Scalloped IKAT Bow by Ruby and Sue
  4. Ikat Indigo Tutu Dress by Masala Baby
  5. Pure Silk Ikat Scarf by Ikat Suzanicom
  6. Ikat Trapeze Tee by Sara Bergman
  7. Ikat Handmade Bag by UZHandicrafts
  8. Cenna Women’s Strappy Wedges by Toms

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