Designer of the Week - Miinot

Hello there friends, and a big happy Wednesday to you all! It’s with great pleasure today that I introduce our Designer of the Week, Melbourne children’s label, Miinot. Creative minds behind the label, Gary and Emma, have recently released their debut collection, catering for little folk from 0 – 5 years.

Miinot Hand Screen Printed Children's Cat T-shirt

The Product Review

Those of you who are regular readers of {KID} independent may be aware that I’m in the midst of a love affair with the colour green. It’s just such a rich, vibrant colour, that is equally gorgeous on girls and boys. Today’s review tee, not only features one of my favourite colours, it also features the very cheeky Cecil the Cat. Cecil is a North Carlton local who likes to tip-toe through Melbourne’s fashion hotspots. Alas, her master plans often come unravelled…

So what’s to love about this Miinot tee? First up, I dig the combo of hand screen printing and embroidery. It gives the tee a modern, textural element that feels just a little bit “crafty”. I also dig the Miinot colour palette. Their debut collection comes in a choice of green, red and black which pairs so well with coloured jeans on both boys or girls (as pictured above). Lastly, I’m loving the cut, it’s slim fit and not too boxy!

The Verdict… Fresh, Fun and Fashionable!

The Indie Label

Gary and Emma launched the Miinot collection in mid-December 2011 in the midst of the Christmas rush. Gary has been a t-shirt obsessed screen printer for 25 years, and when Emma met Gary in London, not only did a beautiful relationship blossom, so did their mutual love of design. After living together in London for 15 years, Emma convinced Gary to try out Australia… and a perhaps a family… and the rest is history!

The name “Miinot” was chosen in honour of the time Gary and Emma has spent holidaying in France, in particular, Marseille. The name is a old Southern French term of affection for a cheeky little child.

The Creative Mind

Emma and Gary are parents to 3 year old Marcel, the stylin’ little guy that you see strutting his stuff on the Miinot website.

The inspiration behind the Miinot label comes from various sources, including the lack of black clothing on the market, Emma and Gary’s t-shirt obsession and screen printing skills, and their desire to create a unisex collection. Emma explains, “Shopping for a son is always a challenge. The “boys” departments are always so dull, hence why the majority of Marcel’s clothes are from the “girls” side of the store… roll on the Miinot tees!”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Emma (in her own words)…

  1. The Miinot designs mainly come about from my collage work. I have always loved creating collages and became more serious about it while residing in London where I had 8 solo exhibitions (one being in Paris) and a few group shows. I have yet to get my act together to show in Oz… let’s call it a work in progress!

  2. My love of collage hails from a serious fashion magazine addiction (photographer Tim Walker is one of my heroes). I have tear sheets in my archive from as far back as 1985!

  3. All of my work is made up of tiny hand cuttings which I then place, glue and spray mount together. No computer imagery here!

The Handmade Collection

The debut collection from Miinot features a range of six stylin’ tees, all made locally in Melbourne from 100% cotton. You can view the full range here, or visit Miinot on Facebook to stay in the loop.

Miinot Hand Screen Printed Children's T-shirts

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