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Hi folks! It’s time to meet our Designer of the Week, a Sydney-sider with a penchant for old fashioned motifs, vintage florals and all things handmade. Allow me to introduce the lovely Mia from the Raisin did it! In front of the review team today, we have a pair of handmade 100% cotton slouchies in burgundy and cream stripe.

the Raisin did it Slouchies, Children's Harem Pants

The Product Review

Let the record show that I’m a huge fan of clothing for babies and toddlers that is every bit as comfortable as it is cute. The relaxed styling in these slouchies gives tons of room for nappies in the early stages, and then tons of flexibility for play (and growth) as they get older. This is a design that will give you a lot more wear than the average pair of leggings.

Of course, 100% cotton is an absolute must, and the lightweight t-shirt fabric used in these pants adds to their versatility. These are equally cool on girls or boys, so they make a great staple for your pre-birth shopping. Our little model (Mr. 2.5) rocked these pants with an emerald green tee and his favourite pair of green Chuck Taylor Hi Tops… and I had a lot of fun “styling” them to suit his wardrobe!

The Verdict… Easy-wearing and practical, with an urban edge

The Indie Label

Mia started her sewing career in 2000, making simple A-line dresses for friends and family using original vintage fabrics with lovingly stitched details such as embroidery, special buttons and trims. From there, her first label “Miamore” emerged and was sold through several Sydney boutiques.

Mia explains, “Eventually the childrenswear market grew with most brands focusing on dresses, so I expanded the range to meet demand for interesting boys wear with the same quirky sensibility – and the Raisin did it was born. A lovely friend taught me how to screen-print which helped to define my aesthetic and lead me onto making t-shirts, toys and other unique pieces like the patchwork pillowcases.”

I asked Mia how she came up with her business name, and she said, “I get asked this question a lot and some of my friends and regular customers know the answer… but the Raisin remains a bit of an enigma. Let’s just say that I felt it captured my personality as a kid, a special time in my life, one that evokes a sense of playfulness that I try to capture in my designs”… enough said! 😉

The Creative Mind

Mia is Mum to Tabitha (4 yrs) and Shona (20 mths). She draws the inspiration for her label from old fashioned motifs such as sailing boats or imagined monsters, forest creatures, Australian animals, nature, storybooks and her beautiful daughters. However, her creative process is often guided by the materials themselves.

Mia loves to work with vintage materials that are unusual or found in small quantities. She says, “I love it because it encourages resourcefulness and creativity that couldn’t come from a pre-set theme or colour code”. As a self taught sewer, Mia’s strengths lie in pattern and colour and combining them in an interesting way. Her design aesthetic is all about creating comfortable and durable kids clothes that look, and function like kids clothes, not miniature adults clothes.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Mia (in her own words)…

  1. I am actually a qualified Naturopath but stopped practising about a year after Tabitha was born, deciding that running the Raisin did it and a clinical practice AND looking after a new baby was a bit much!

  2. I dream of one day having a huge garden where I can grow food, raise chickens  and cook extravagant feasts for my friends and family.

  3. I’m undefeated at Pictionary.

The Handmade Collection

You can find the Raisin did it online via Etsy, or keep up with the latest news via Facebook. This season’s collection is brimming with beautiful soft cotton jerseys, Japanese and vintage fabrics, and old embroideries such as doilies, linen and tablecloths. All of Mia’s drawings are done in pencil and ink and all hand screen-printing is done with water based inks in limited edition runs.

the Raisin did it Slouchies, Children's Harem Pants, Dresses

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