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Good morning friends, it’s Designer of the Week time and today I’ve invited the lovely Luisa, Juliana and Viviana from Amor Amor along to indulge you in some grown-up colouring-in! Of course, you can get your little ones involved too… why not make it a family experience!

DIY Monster Leggings Artist Kit, Colouring-in Pants

The Product Review

Boy did I have some fun reviewing this gorgeous Monster Legging Artist Kit. A little package arrived on my door step last week, which I put aside to share with my lovely friend Melissa and her two little ones, Naomi (2) and Kirsten (6). The pack included a set of washable markers, a set of permanent markers and a pair of white cotton lycra leggings complete with monster outlines that were begging for some handsome hues!

You can see the result of our colouring fun above. We found that colouring the edges worked better than full blocks of ink. This is the backside of the leggings, as the front was mix of trial runs (hooray for washable markers) where we tested every colour in the pack, and then (with much indecisiveness) settled on pink and green. Pretty darn cool if I do say so myself!

After our trial run with the washable markers, we threw the pants in the washing machine and started over again with the permanent marker set. However, if you have little ones doing the colouring-in, you might like to stick with the washable ink, so they can try a new palette with each wear.

The Verdict… Creative, entertaining and fabulously funky!

The Indie Label

Creative trio Luisa (mum to her 2yo girl), Juliana (expectant mum of twins) and Viviana (still currently enjoying her sleep-ins, for now) had been tossing around business ideas for several years prior to launching Amor Amor in mid-2011. Hailing from Colombia they were concerned that it may be difficult to start a business in a new country with English as a second language. However, 2 years ago after Luisa gave birth to her first child, their collective design spirit was kicked up a gear and they put aside their fears, taking their first steps into the world of monsters and children’s apparel. This month they are celebrating their first year anniversary!

Amor Amor means Love Love in Spanish. Luisa explains, “It’s a name that celebrates our Spanish-Colombian cultures and also represents the passion and love we put into each piece we create”.

The Creative Mind

The Amor Amor collection is based on original stories and drawing of monsters who live in magical imaginary worlds. Luisa, the graphic designer, draws each monster freehand; Viviana, the fashion designer, spends hours developing these ideas into products; and Juliana, the business mind, does much of the intricate sewing, labelling, packaging and administration.

The trio explains, “We feel that hand drawing is a little bit forgotten by all, so we aim to bring that back in a fun environment where kids and parents can get involved and share fun experiences. We have products like our Monster Legging and Cushion Artist Kits where parents and/or kids get together to colour-in and personalize different items. It becomes more than just a piece of clothing or stuffed object!”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Amor Amor (in their own words):

Being from Colombia we love to dance and get together. Food is also really important to us so we tend to dance off whatever big meal we have eaten with family and friends whilst listening to our favourite music. All of our partners are from Australia so we enjoy mixing the two cultures and getting them to move their hips (can be struggle). Also we love learning about our home Australia. We travel as much as we can to see this amazing land and people.

  1. Love to dance.

  2. We all went to same same high school but reunited here in Melbourne.

  3. We love to sketch and draw.

The Handmade Collection

Amor Amor create a range of imaginative children’s wear, softies, home wares and stationary, which are equally practical, affordable and beautiful in their own right. Shop online this month and enjoy 25% off their entire store in celebration of their 1 year anniversary!

Amor Amor Monster T-shirts, Onesiess, Cushions

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