Best Foot Forward - Someone Else's Shoes

We just love Recess Music here in the {KID} independent household, and today I’m delighted to share a review of their newest album, Someone Else’s Shoes. This album is the third release in the Best Foot Forward series, which also includes Big Bully and U R SOME 1.

Best Foot Forward - Someone Else's Shoes - Recess Music

Someone Else’s Shoes features 15 tracks, all with the central theme of empathy, and teaching kids how to live in harmony with others. Talented artists on this album include two-time Grammy winners Cathy Dink & Marcy Marxer, four-time Emmy winner Jamie Broza, and Parents’ Choice and NAPPA winner Swingset Mamas. Boy, is that an accomplished selection!

You’ll get a good feel for this album right from the get-go with title track, Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes, an upbeat number with a positive message. Other tracks that I love on this album include the bluesy, You Hurt my Feelings, and the uplifting beats of Say Something Nice About Someone. I also love There’s No Such Thing as Normal… such a wonderful life lesson. Take a listen below, or visit Recess Music to purchase the album.

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