Creative Cravings... Handmade and DIY Boats!

Hoist the sails and raise the anchor! Today’s feature is especially for the adventurous types. Those who dream of sailing the seven seas, discovering new lands, and hunting for hidden treasures. Be ye a pirate, a captain, or a first mate, it’s a loving day for sailing. There’s tons of DIY ideas to try… Landlubbers need not apply!

DIY and Handmade Sail Boats, Wooden, Cardboard

  1. DIY Pirate Boat + Costumes by The Handmade Home
  2. Petal Knot Dress by Hot Fudge
  3. Hand Painted Fishing Boat by Oyma
  4. DIY Handmade Boats by MiniEco
  5. Handmade Boat by Quirky Kids
  6. Nautical Temporary Tattoos by Pepper Ink
  7. DIY Cork Boat by Kate’s Creative Space
  8. DIY Walnut Boat by Hip Hip Hooray
  9. Veggie Boats by Oh Happy Day
  10. Egg Carton Boat by The Madhouse
  11. Milk Carton Boat by Lilla a

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