Designer of the Week - Haveli

Hello friends, it’s Wednesday again and time for our fabulous Designer of the Week. Today’s review takes us on a journey to Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast to meet the creative mind behind a brand new baby and children’s label called Haveli.

Haveli Baby, Children's Clothing, Kurtas, Dresses, Nappy Covers

The Product Review

In review this week we have a Green Paisley Kurta and Coral Seahorse Nappy Cover. These two little cuties are part of the mix-and-match range from the current Haveli collection, which has been released just in time for the southern spring.

There’s much to love about these garments, but I’ll start with the gorgeous hand printed block prints. This is an ancient Indian technique in which motifs are carved into a block of wood, pressed into dye and stamped onto cloth to achieve charming, unique prints. Haveli’s expert choice of colour combinations in fresh spring colours and modern, playful patterns result in mini beachside garb that Mums will wish for in their own size!

Each piece in the Haveli collection is made from 100% cotton voile, with hand stitched edging on the kurtas and pretty ruffles around the seat of the nappy covers. The voile is delicate and perfectly cool for summer dressing, with a range of mix and match hats to complete the look.

The Verdict... Indian artistry meets Queensland cool

The Indie Label

Haveli was launched in March this year after spending 12 months working on logistics and design. The inspiration had come to her after one of her many trips to India, where she fell in love with the art of block printing. The name Haveli was chosen to represent the name of the the ornate mansions that can be found in the part of India where the block printing is done (Rajasthan).

The Creative Mind

Haveli is a celebration of colour and print. Each design begins its life as a wave of colours, which come together in a sketch before making their way onto a series of itty bitty garments.

“My passion is Asian textiles. I have a huge collection of embroideries and prints from all over Asia, that I’ve collected during my 8.5 years living overseas, most recently in Singapore and Hong Kong. After I discovered block printing last year, I was inspired to create a line with coast-inspired colours made from breathable cotton voile, made for the Australian climate and lifestyle”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Haveli:

  1. I could fill 1/3 of our house with my Asian textile collection.

  2. I’ve lived in 5 different countries.

  3. I can’t live without champagne.

The Handmade Collection

As well as their lovely kurtas and nappy covers, Haveli also produce a range of sunhats, baby bedding, dresses, and bib sets. You can purchase the collection online, or visit Haveli on Facebook for all the latest news.

Haveli Baby, Children's Clothing, Kurtas, Dresses, Nappy Covers

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