Huh-uh - Barry G. and the Dream Jam Kids

This week we’ve been listening to the new album from Barry G. and the Dream Jam Kids. It’s called Huh-uh and features 10 original songs inspired by roots and folk music. This release is the third in a family music series from the myKaZoo Music label.

Huh-uh - Barry G. and the Dream Jam Kids

The fun part of this album is the interactive element, with songs such as “Act Like An Animal” encouraging kids to jump up and down and flap their wings. There’s also a few chant-along classics likes “Into The Valley” and the playful, sea-shanty styled “The Captain Was A Monkey”. I also like the laid-back harmonies on “Just Chillin”.

You can check out the Dream Jam Band videos along with other myKAZoo favourites online at, or download the album via iTunes.

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