Sing Loud! by Melissa Green

What’s spinning on the {KID} independent decks this week? Well, it’s a fabulously fun album from Melissa Green called Sing Loud! Featuring a dozen super catchy tunes with sweet melodies and cheerful lyrics, Melissa’s vocals have been described as “distinctive, warm and wide open”, and I happily concur.

Sing Loud! Melissa Green

My favourite track on this album is the very first cab off the rank, “Baby, I love you” for its bouncy beat and heartwarming vocals. Other top picks include “4 Nickels and a Dime” which incidentally features Brooke Shields, and “Get Up” which features a chorus from Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. I also got a grin out of “The Playdate”, primarily for the awesome lyric… “I met him at my school on a Tuesday. I thought when we first met his shoes were old school and fly”.

Take a listen to the title track…

Sing Loud! is available online at Melissa Green’s website.

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