Organic Loveliness by Tootie & Dolly

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun-filled weekend… I’m exhausted from a day at the Ekka yesterday (I think I must be getting old). Today’s lovely label, Tootie & Dolly, hails from Ontario, Canada and specialises in 100% certified organic cotton fabrics and apparel with natural, non-toxic dyes. I especially adore their baby polo dresses… sweet as can be!

Tootie & Dolly Organic Baby Clothes, Dresses

The name Tootie & Dolly was chosen to reflect the nicknames of designer Amanda’s two beautiful daughters, Kylie aka Tootie and Talia aka Dolly, who are the driving force behind her business. Amanda’s collection includes onesies, dresses, long-sleeved rompers, bedding and accessories, all made from natural organic fabrics. You can visit Tootie & Dolly at their website, or shop online via Etsy.

Tootie & Dolly Organic Baby Clothes, Dresses, Onesies, Rompers

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