Designer of the Week - Two Little Sparrows

Wednesday has rolled around again in a flash and it’s time for me to introduce you to our Designer of the Week. Today’s talented soul is the lovely Cat from Two Little Sparrows. Cat creates a range of children’s clothing and accessories and today we review her signature bubble skirts.

Two Little Sparrows Handmade Girls Bubble Skirts

The Product Review

For this week’s review I enlisted the assistance of two little ladies who have recently developed an interest in fashion. I thought that this was particularly appropriate, as the Two Little Sparrows Bubble Skirts remind me so much of my own memories of fashion in the 80s when I wore my first bubble skirt to a school dance! Ahh, good times.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. First and foremost, I just adore the gorgeous lolly pink damask fabric used in this skirt. It has such a lovely modern feel to it, and is very cheerful to wear. The little singlet in the photo above is also from the Two Little Sparrows range, and made the perfect accompaniment. As it’s still quite chilly here in Brisbane at the moment, we paired the skirt with a cardi and a pair of knee length tights.

We also had the opportunity to test out a larger size skirt in citrus-coloured polka dots for miss-almost-six, who rocked out her skirt with a pair of high tops and a hoodie… equally as cool. A quick “puff” of the skirts, and we were ready to head out for lunch!

As these bubbles skirts were worn by miss-almost-three and miss-almost-six, I found the soft elastic waist band to be a comfort must. We popped the skirt in the wash after our day out, and the good news is that it came out good as new, in fact, perhaps even a bit puffier!

The Verdict… A fun first step for kids into the world of fashion styling.

The Indie Label

Two Little Sparrows was launched shortly after the birth of Cat’s second child in 2009. Cat chose her business name to reflect her two children, who she describes as “free spirits and full of life, like little sparrows without a care in the world”.

Cat explains, “Not really having a particular focus I dabbled in a range of items from fabric necklaces to children’s sensory blocks. Once I gathered more confidence in my own abilities, I let my style unleash and now my mind won’t switch off! A new idea or colour style popping into my head is just a part of my day now so you will often find me jotting things down or drawing a new design in my brief spare moments”.

The Creative Mind

Cat is the proud mum of two little ones, a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. She designs clothing based on the looks she creates for her own children, and loves to scope out the fashion magazines to check out the latest colour trends. Cat says, “I would describe my style as a modern, fresh look with quirky, indie appeal – which is the same for my home decorating style!”

Here’s a little look at Cat’s design process… “I start with an idea, which quickly (and excitedly) gets drawn up and cut out. The fabric is chosen to suit the style and then once a prototype has been created, the most important stage arrives – my style savvy daughter gives me the tick of approval! Then I know she will happily and willingly model the outfit so I can show my customers”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Cat (in her own words):

  1. Something that I find quite funny is that I was a complete and utter failure in my ‘textiles class’ in high school. I couldn’t thread a machine to save my life, frustrating my teacher, and most of my creations never got a higher mark than a D!

  2. I LOVE interior decorating, my wonderful husband is a jack of all trades (poor thing), so whenever a new idea surfaces he is the one to do all the hard work!

  3. I love to sing. I have been singing since I was about 8!

The Handmade Collection

As well as her bubble skirts, Cat also creates a charming range of hair accessories. She is currently working on a new range of designs for Spring 2012 / Summer 2013 (think flowy dresses in a field of flowers, mustard colour blocks with pastel highlights). You can visit Cat at Two Little Sparrows, or follow her on Facebook for all the latest news.

Two Little Sparrows Handmade Girls Bubble Skirts, Hair Accessories

Professional imagery is by Cazz from Amarantha Photography.

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