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DAY TWENTY… I love monsters. They’re quirky, colourful, cuddly, crazy, furry, fabulous and fun! They’re a little bit odd, occasionally noisy, sometimes scary, often messy, and always hairy! This magnificent beast comes to you from the talented minds at Cutesy but not Cutesy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. One eye-ball… two teeth… two horns… and one cheesy grin!

Cutesy but not cutesy children's monster t-shirt

Get the Inside ScoopDiane Koss is the designer and creator behind the one woman army of plush monsters that is Cutesy but not Cutesy. With a burning need to make use of her idle hands, her love of all things fuzzy, and her mild obsession with antlers, the first monster was born in 2007. Inspired by her grandparents’ stories of stitching by hand, she holds true to tradition and stitches each one with just a needle and thread.

The SwagThe One-Eyed Monster Tee by Cutesy but not Cutesy is available in three different colourways and three different designs. It’s printed onto a 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirt and is available in sizes 2 – 10. Diane also creates a collection of monster hoodies, t-shirts, baby onesies, plush toys, pillows, dinnerware, and prints.

Vote for your favourite tee!Aching to get your hands on this awesome tee? CLICK HERE to enter the World T-shirt Tour Major Prize Draw for your chance to win one of the thirty t-shirts featured in September. You can also vote for your favourite tee by clicking the LIKE button below. The t-shirt designer with the most votes will be announced at the end of the tour.

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