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Hello folks! It’s Designer of the Week time and today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Ter and Pat, creative design duo behind children’s label Kidinc. In front of the review panel this week is the “Marilyn” tee, as tested by 2 year old Casey and her big brother Max (oh, and Mum Caroline as well).

Kidinc Children's Marilyn Monroe, Pop Cultura T-shirt

The Product Review

The Marilyn design comes printed on a 100% premium soft cotton jersey tee which washed up well and held its shape (even after a tumble dry). However, the design on the front is where all the action happens! Gracing this tee is iconic Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe, as re-imagined (with a Warhol slant) by Kidinc.

I love the cheerful pops of colour on this tee. Combined with the signature Kidinc mouth, the finished result is a quirky experience in modern art that appeals to both kids and their parents.

The t-shirt that we reviewed was a size 2-3, but in fact it ended up as a “fitted tee” on Mister-Four-and-a-Half who took a shine to it after deciding that Kidinc’s Marilyn absolutely had to be Brobee’s Mum (Yo Gabba Gabba)!

The Verdict… Iconic, quirky and just plain fun.

The Indie Label

Kidinc came to life in July 2011 with their debut collection of onesies and tees. The label is a creative project of design duo Ter (who had worked as a graphic designer for 10 years) and Pat (an advertising creative with an interest in fashion).

They explain, “We took one look at the children’s clothing market and were convinced it was time for a new look. While the market is littered with conformist designs for children to stay as bland and incognito as possible, Kidinc hopes to shock and awe, to infuse a little attitude into the kids who are cool enough to “Rock n’ Grow” (Kidinc’s tagline).

The Creative Mind

The Kidinc Mouth Graphic is one of the most recognisable features of Ter and Pat’s label, and was the starting point for their branding.

“We came up with our logo first. We wanted to have a cute mark that universally represents babies and kids. This led us to create this big smiling, drooling mouth as the logo. We also wanted our brand name to be straight-forward by having the word ‘kid’ in it, so people would smile and be happy when they see our logo. Then we said why don’t we just have Kids Inc.? So we combined the two words into ‘Kidinc’. It’s not only pronounced as ‘kid inc’ but ‘kidding’ as well!”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Ter and Pat (in their own words):

  1. Ter loves to draw and sketch- into funny and humorous graphics.
    Pat loves fashion- follows the latest trends.

  2. After I have done all the research on what’s out there, what’s on trend, we both throw out ideas, go through elimination, leaving the best ones for final discussion.

  3. All of our designs are created based on what we like and what we love to see on kids.

The Handmade Collection

Kidinc creates a range of clothing for little folk including onesies, t-shirts and jeans, as well as tees for Mum and Dad. You can shop online for your favourites, or visit Kidinc on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

Kidinc Children's Pop Culture T-shirts

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