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DAY NINE… Moonwalking into day five of our World T-shirt Tour we have the Mister Jackson tee from Kidinc… You know it’s rad, it’s rad, come on… You know it’s rad, it’s rad, you know it. You know it’s rad, it’s rad, come on, you know. And the whole world has to answer right now, just to tell you once again, it’s rad.

Kidinc. Mister Men, Michael Jackson Kids T-shirt

Get the Inside ScoopThe uniquely fun designs of Kidinc. pay homage to icons of music and pop culture, spiced up with some rock music attitude to put a smile on faces. Kidinc. believes everyone is born with the right to have style and attitude, and every baby has a voice to be heard.

The SwagThe Kidinc. Mister Jackson Tee is made from 100% premium cotton jersey and features a legendary “King of Pop” screen-print with a vintage washed look. It’s available in baby, kids, and adult sizes. Rock it with a leather jacket and a white glove (you know you want to).

Vote for your favourite tee!Aching to get your hands on this awesome tee? CLICK HERE to enter the World T-shirt Tour Major Prize Draw for your chance to win one of the thirty t-shirts featured in September. You can also vote for your favourite tee by clicking the LIKE button below. The t-shirt designer with the most votes will be announced at the end of the tour.

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