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DAY TWENTY-ONE… Creating artwork, be it painting, finger painting, drawing, sculpting, crafting, sewing or modelling with clay, is one of the true joys of childhood. The art table is a place where imaginations come to life, and little personalities find their voice. Today’s designer, KidsArt2Sew, creates pieces with that very concept in mind.

KidsArt2Sew Children's Artwork T-shirt

Get the Inside ScoopJoey from KidsArt2Sew appreciates the importance of creativity in healthy child development and allowing them to see the world through “their own eyes”. She creates her designs from your child’s very own works of art, crafting them onto t-shirts, quilts and other items.

The SwagThe Artwork T-shirt from KidsArt2Sew is inspired by a quote from Pablo Picasso, who said, “Every child is an artist”. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. It features a mini masterpiece, affixed to a cheerful 100% cotton orange and white striped tee.

Vote for your favourite tee!Aching to get your hands on this awesome tee? CLICK HERE to enter the World T-shirt Tour Major Prize Draw for your chance to win one of the thirty t-shirts featured in September. You can also vote for your favourite tee by clicking the LIKE button below. The t-shirt designer with the most votes will be announced at the end of the tour.

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