Meta Morphosis by Al deCant

Last week I was introduced to Al deCant, an award winning singer, songwriter and storyteller, and a former elementary school principal. His children’s album, Meta Morphosis is a fun, upbeat collection of songs that covers topics from caterpillars to caring for our beautiful earth. One of my favourites off the album is the title track, and I’d like to share it with you today.

Al deCant

Alongside his music, Al also heads up a wonderful program in New England called, “We Are CARING”… An acronym that stands for Courteous, Achieving, Responsible, Interested, Neighbourly and Growing. The underlying message of the program is, “If it’s mean, intervene” and was inspired by a Carol McCloud book called, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”

Kids in the program can collect “Caught CARING” slips when they practice good deeds, and can cash these in for a star or a heart that is then proudly displayed in the school foyer, alongside the student’s name. I love the concept of Caught CARING; why not give it a go with your kids?

You can find out more about Al deCant online, or purchase a copy of his CD through iTunes.

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