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DAY FOUR… Picture yourself in a field filled with poppies, as glorious sunshine smiles bright in the sky. You skip, twirl and frolic and giggle with glee as a breeze gently hugs you and your oishi-m tee! It’s day four of our World T-shirt Tour and we’ve invited along our friends from Torquay, the fab folks at oishi-m!

Oishi-m Glorious Floral Children's T-shirt

Get the Inside ScoopOishi-m [Oy-shee-em] design and produce limited edition garments that splash kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with denim and cotton to create funky unique baby clothing for newborn babies to busy little people (up to size 5-6yrs).

The SwagThe Oishi-m Glorious Tee is made in Victoria (Australia) from a blend of pale blue and cream cotton elastane with cotton/rayon fresh floral sleeves.  It’s available in sizes 000 – 6 years and is perfect for a day of sunshine and lollipops!

Vote for your favourite tee!Aching to get your hands on this awesome tee? CLICK HERE to enter the World T-shirt Tour Major Prize Draw for your chance to win one of the thirty t-shirts featured in September. You can also vote for your favourite tee by clicking the LIKE button below. The t-shirt designer with the most votes will be announced at the end of the tour.

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