Raise a Ruckus - New CD from Hullabaloo

The brand new CD from “free-range, organic kid-folk duo” Hullabaloo hits the stores today! It’s called “Raise a Ruckus” and is 10th studio release in the Hullabaloo series. Described as a blend of Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, and Mr. Rogers all rolled into one, the album is produced by Grammy nominee Tor Hyams.

Raise a Ruckus by Hullabaloo

Raise a Ruckus is an upbeat album that features tons of the Hullabaloo signature “giggles and snorts”. The lyrics are witty, engaging and amusing to both kids and adults alike. You’ll be spoiled for talent with guest spots from Grammy Winner Buck Howdy and Marcy Marxer, as well as multi-instrumentalist Dennis Caplinger who has worked with the likes of Eric Clapton.

My favourite track on this album is “Green Beans Everywhere” because I have harbored a extreme dislike for green beans ever since I was a kid! I also like “Bit Her” for its humorous lyrics, “Well everybody says, my sister is so sweet, well I’m here to tell you that’s not so. The truth is she’s more, than a little bit bitter. I know cause I bit her on the toe!” Pure hilarity for the kindy and primary school set!

You can purchase Raise a Ruckus via the Hullabaloo website, or through iTunes.

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