Creative Cravings... A little bit rattled.

One of my favourite baby shower gifts (well, alongside lovely handmade baby clothes) is the handmade, crocheted, needle felted, or stitched rattle. The kind with a cute and quirky appearance that is received with oohs and ahhs from the expectant Mama and provides hour upon hour of cuddles and gummy love to the itty bitty recipient. Here’s a snapshot of some of my current favs.

Handmade, Crochet Baby Rattles, Teethers, Teething Rings, Toys


  1. Elephant Rattle / Teething Ring by Mimishop
  2. Amigurumi Creature Rattle by SIDRUN’s Zoo
  3. Little Lion Man Rattle by Nifty Kidstuff
  4. Handmade Pirate Rattle by Belle & Elle
  5. Baby Owlet Rattle / Teething Ring by Flaunt Design
  6. Octopus Rattle by Auntie Mims
  7. Organic Hedgehog Rattle by Marika
  8. Animal Ring Rattles by Yellow Label
  9. Polka Dot Bunny Rattle by Little Sidekick
  10. Crocheted Rattles by Blabla
  11. Needle Felted Squirrel Rattle by Asher Jasper
  12. Crochet Rabbit Rattle by B-boutique

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