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Good morning folks! Today’s Designer of the Week is someone who has been gracing my dreams for the past few months through the power of guided relaxation and meditation. Dinosnores is a small Australian based company made up of experienced childcare professionals, child language development experts, and parents; and today we catch up with the brains behind the operation, Sherene.

Dinosnores Sleepy Stories, Guided Relaxation, Meditation for Kids

The Product Review

From the very first beginnings of your child’s life, sleep becomes the focal point of your life, and theirs. You immediately feel the impact of sleep deprivation, and quickly learn to value all uninterrupted blocks of slumber. As your child grows and starts to explore their world, calming down at night time and drifting off to sleep, especially after a hectic day, can sometimes be difficult.

For this week’s review, I sent a Dinosnores pack to four local families to try out at bedtime. They were taken on relaxation journeys through the forest at nighttime as the crickets chirped. They gathered hoards of treasure and snuggled up with Dragons. They imagined they were mermaids, listening to the sounds of the whales and curling up in the warm sand; and they watched their newborns drift off to the swooshing sound of ocean waves (before Dad pinched the CD and uploaded it to his iPod).

The CDs received much praise, primarily focussed around the soothing and imaginative content of each story. The parents enjoyed the warm and reassuring tone of the narrators voice, and reported that their children responded well to the tranquil soundscapes. One parent commented, “It has turned a usually raucous storytime event into a peaceful, reflective end to a long day”.

The Verdict… A essential addition to your parenting toolkit.

The Indie Label

Dinosnores creator Sherene is a Speech Pathologist, and Mum of two (Miss nearly eight and Master almost five). I asked her to explain how she came up with the idea for Dinosnores…

“Our daughter Emma was an anxious preschool and then kindergarten child, and bedtime was difficult. It was just so draining with bedtime and was starting to become a real battle ground.  Emma was irritable and grumpy in the day, and I felt worn out myself because I had no time to myself to recharge.”

“We looked for kids relaxation products but none appealed to our Dino-girl.  So I started developing my own stories using guided relaxation and visualisation techniques and relaxing soundscapes. It was great fun. I used my background as a paediatric speech pathologist to script stories which develop children’s listening and language skills. Emma loved them and she fell to sleep. So we decided to produce and record them professionally.”

The Creative Mind

Sherene lists her children as the number one inspiration behind her products. She chose her business name to reflect her daughters love of dinosaurs, and each Dinosnores story begins its life as a bedtime story for her children. She explains, “All our stories are initially ad libbed with my kids then scripted and reworked and reworked until perfect!”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three interesting facts about Sherene (in her own words):

  1. I love and have found yoga and relaxation crucial to me enjoying my life and not getting to stressed out!

  2. I am so into science now I have two curious kids who ask great questions.

  3. I love the fact I can look up anything they ask online and learn something myself!

The Dreamy Collection

Dinosnores sleepy stories are full of facts about nature, and include real sound effects and imaginative storylines. You can purchase the collection online or find your nearest stockist via the Dinosnores website. You can also follow Dinosnores on Facebook for all the latest news.

Dinosnores Sleepy Stories, Guided Relaxation, Meditation for Kids

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