Escalator by David Tobocman

David Tobocman has just released a new album for kids called “Escalator”, a musical romp through life that celebrates the great adventure of growing up, and encourages kids to dream big. This is David’s third children’s album, and when he’s not recording and performing for kids, he writes scores for indie films and TV shows (currently penning songs for the animated series, Robot and Monster).

Escalator by David Tobocman

One of my personal favourites on this album is “Custom Family Spaceship” which has an imaginative storyline and a cheerful beat. This theme is continued throughout the album with songs like “Gonna Be A Garbage Man” following the eco-dreams of a little guy who hopes to “dream up the perfect, clean renewable fuel to power up the world”.

David Tobocman has a easy-listening style that harnesses the spirit of childhood, stirs up imaginations, and speaks to children with intelligence and respect. These are smart songs, for smart kids with curious minds.

You can purchase “Escalator” through iTunes, or visit David Tobocman online to listen to some track samples.

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