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It’s my absolute pleasure today to introduce you to Sydney designer and sewing extraordinaire, Andrea from Karimu. In review, we have a charming handmade baby set, which includes a pair of Karimu Ruffle Bums, a matching vest and a signature Karimu Bonnet.

Karimu Handmade Baby Bonnet and Ruffle Bloomers

The Product Review

I’d like to start today by thanking my lovely friend and neighbour Jenn, and her daughter Megan for their help with today’s review. Jenn and I were akin to a bunch of clucking hens when this delightful outfit turned up in the post. There’s something about a baby bonnet that is enough to kick my broodiness into overdrive.

Andrea uses a selection of 100% designer cottons to create these beautiful handmade baby bloomers and bonnets. Her workmanship is spot on, with durable yet delicate construction that washes and wears well. The bonnet is as pretty as a picture, and perfectly practical for protecting delicate faces from the summer sun. It is also adjustable, so it grows alongside your child.

The handmade bloomers feature three charming frills and a lovely springtime fabric. One thing that we noticed about the bloomers, as compared to others in little Megan’s wardrobe was the comfortable fit around the waist a legs. Jennifer comments, “I have a few pairs of ruffle bloomers, but I’ve found that they sometimes leave marks around Megan’s legs due to the tightness of the elastic. This pair has a lovely delicate stretch and softness about it.”

The Verdict… Charming and playful with impeccable construction.

Karimu Handmade Baby Bonnet

The Indie Label

Andrea launched Karimu in December 2008 after a year and a half of planning and researching. However, the seeds were planted in her mind many years prior whilst she was at University, working her way through various art and design courses.

Andrea decided on the name Karimu after searching for something unique, punchy and easy to remember. Karimu is African in origin, and means ‘giving or generous’. Andrea explains, “I thought this was very appropriate as I believe there is no better gift than that of a new life!”

The Creative Mind

The inspiration for Karimu comes from Andrea’s daily life, and the world around her. She aims to provide creative and innovative products that are not readily available in mainstream stores. Her collection includes her own lovely creations, along with those of other talented Australian mums. She says, “Handmade today is very different to handmade twenty years ago. It’s much more sophisticated, more daring and more creative.”

When she’s not sewing up a storm, Andrea spends her time with her son, six year old Bailey, and her husband Damian. She has her sights set on sharing her products with other stores across the globe, and hopes to one day open her own bricks and mortar store.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Andrea (in her own words):

  1. I like to read as much as I can, my favourite author at the moment is Suzanne Collins and the Hunger games trilogy. I’ve read them 3 times!

  2. Painting is another hobby which I try to find time for whenever I can, but I have to admit life and work is pretty busy, so I don’t do as much of it these days.

  3. I also like to make Jewellery. My son is pretty obsessed with beads too and quite often we’ll pick out some beads together and make fun things like bracelets, earrings etc.

The Handmade Collection

Visit the Karimu online boutique to browse through the complete range of designer and handmade baby clothing, accessories, toys and gifts.

You can also join Karimu on Facebook, for all the latest releases and news.

Karimu Handmade Baby Bonnet and Ruffle Bloomers

Karimu Handmade Baby Bonnet and Ruffle Bloomers

Karimu Handmade Baby Bonnet and Ruffle Bloomers

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