Love is a Superpower - Ben Rudnick & Friends

This week, Ben Rudnick & Friends released their brand new album, Love is a Superpower. It features guests galore, and 11 happy tracks covering diverse musical genres from rock, to bluegrass, reggae, folk, and western swing. Inspirations are drawn from classic performances of 70s soul and funk including The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, T. Rex, and The Grateful Dead.

Love is a Superpower - Ben Rudnick & Friends

I love an album that bursts out of the gate with a big hearty number, and track one, “A Little Boogie”, does just that. Funnily enough, I’ve never been much of a country music fan, but I must admit, listening to old-time country music in a room full of rambunctious kids is… well, tons of fun!

The groovy laid-back styling of tracks such as “Where are the Dragons” and “Wake up Happy” give this album and easy-listening feel. I also like the “Chicken Soup Ballad”, which you can listen to below. It makes for a fun sing-along with a giggle worthy storyline.

Lastly, track twelve, a version of The Beatles classic was a welcome surprise. Sing along loudly and embarrass your kids.

You can listen to some more samples, or purchase Love is a Superpower online at the Ben Rudnick & Friends website.

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