Creative Cravings... Miss Kitty and the Blush Blends

Hooray for the weekend! I thought I’d kick start your relaxation with a selection of precious pink, peach, lavender, rose, salmon, coral and blush. These sweet creations are from the “because I like pretty things” vault and were inspired by the Parade Knot Dress (top row middle) which I have my eye on this week! Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Kittens, Cats, Handmade, Toys, Art, Dresses, Shoes

  1. Smiling Kitty Coin Purse by Dancing in the Rains
  2. Handmade Girls Parade Knot Dress by Emmi Lee Designs
  3. Pink Kitty Coin Purse by Oktak
  4. Kitty Disco Pants Art Print by Schmooks
  5. Summer Felted Pink Dot Slippers by Simona Crafts
  6. Amigurumi Crochet Bunny by CherryTime
  7. Blythe Furniture by UtterMabness
  8. Amigurumi Pink Crochet Cat by SIDRUN’s ZOO
  9. Geometric Necklace by Bluebird
  10. Pink Bird Bunny Creature Art Print by Nomuu
  11. Pink Vintage Cat Eye Glasses / Frames by Vintage Optical
  12. Coral Dandelion Ballet Slippers by Evie LaLa

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