Vanessa Trien and The Jumping Monkeys

Commence stretching, and get those hips ready for some wiggling. This week we’ve been listening to new release children’s album, “Bubble Ride” by Vanessa Trien and The Jumping Monkeys. It’s filled with fifteen vibrant, happy tracks that are easy on Mum and Dad’s ears and uplifting and fun for kids.

Vanessa Trien and The Jumping Monkeys - Bubble Ride

Vanessa Trien hails from Boston, MA and Bubble Ride is her third studio album. She collaborates on this release with Dave Jamrog, Adam Rothberg, Julie Rama Winslow and Paul Kochanski to produce a sound that blends rich harmonies with a hearty helping of playfulness.

My top picks on the album are ‘One Fine Day’ for it’s rockabilly, toe-tapping energy and ‘Train Dance’ for similar reasons. Track one ‘Moomooheehawbaabaaneigh’ is especially popular with the little ones, in particular, the animal rap in the middle of the song, as performed by Adam Rothberg. I also dig the Bye Bye Song!

You can listen to some samples from the album here.

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