Designer of the Week - Winnie&Clem

Hello friends. This afternoon I’d like to share with you some lovely handmade creations for summer from our friend Anita from Winnie&Clem. Anita’s collection of handmade hats for kids blends both function and style, with liberal splashes of colour and ample protection from the sun.

Winnie&Clem Handmade Children's Hats

The Product Review

In review today, I’ve decided to share my personal favourite from theĀ Winnie&Clem collection, the Pony Tail Bucket Hat. There are several things about this hat that took my fancy, but I’ll start with the fantastic design. The silhouette has all the design features that you’d expect from your classic bucket hat, with the added element of a pony tail opening in the back for long hair. Genius!

Each Winnie&Clem hat is handmade from mix-and-match designer cottons, and is reversible, which means you get two hats in one. For the summer season you’ll find a range of pinks, blues, florals and polka dots for the girls, and fun graphic prints for the boys. I’ve also got my eye on the new chevron pattern, which is coming soon.

The Verdict… Practical, Stylish and Sun Smart!

The Indie Label

Anita launchedĀ Winnie&Clem at the beginning of 2010 after her second child was born. She says, “It was something I had always wanted to do and the time seemed right to start it. I started off with a madeit store and tested the waters with a variety of products, the hats were the most popular and so here we are today!”

The name “Winnie&Clem” was chosen to reflect Anita’s love for her family, and her small country town. Anita says, “Winnie and Clem were my paternal grandparents and descendants of one of the first families to settle in the district. And it has a great ring to it!”

The Creative Mind

Anita is mum to Mum to a little lady named Ella (6) and a little lad named Jackson (3.5).

I asked Anita to tell us a little bit about how she develops her new designs…

“My designs usually come to me late at night and I scribble a sketch down before going to bed. Sometimes I get up the next day and make it… and it works, other times it might be months of trial and error before it makes the grade or I add it to my “not quite” basket. My Pony tail cap was one such example. It sat in the “not quite” basket for about 8 months then one day it dawned on me how to do it; it worked and has now been developed as pdf sewing pattern for sale.”

“As for fabric selection and designs, I simply browse my fabric collections and pull out different pieces until I am 100% happy with the combination. I am pretty confident my fabric combination come together well if I wait for that feeling.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Anita:

  1. I love my job, it is my hobby and I get to do it all the time!

  2. I have been told I have a talent for combining colours and designs, I have no training in this…

  3. I studied biomedical science and helped make the cervical cancer vaccine available in Australia and New Zealand (my before kids talent!!)

The Handmade Collection

Winnie&Clem create a range of handmade children’s hats, as well as hats, bags, purses and giftware for all ages. You can visit them online, or check out their facebook page for all the latest news.

Winnie&Clem Handmade Children's Hats

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