Christmas Gift Guide - For Boys

Looking for something super fun for your little lads this holiday season? There’s a whole heap of awesome limited edition, eco-friendly and handmade stuff out there from independent designers and stores this year. Today we’ve assembled a collection of cool, creative and quirky gift ideas for boys, designed to inspire and delight.

Christmas Gift Guide for Boys

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Mini Envy Handmade Santa SackChildren's Handmade Pirate T-shirt
Mida Boys Cubic Goldfish Long Shorts
Dump Truck Dinner Set from Baby VegasRainbow Striped High Top Sneakers from Mickey House
Robot Wall Mirrors by Scoops DesignAmor Amor Monster Leggings Artist Kit
Handmade Yeti Toy Softie by Herbert & FriendsBoys Big Bite Shark Shorts from Kawaii Kids
Boys Handmade Sailboat Shorts by Little Toot CreationsToy Story Buzz Lightyear T-shirt from Little Yoyo Styles
Archie and His Train Boys Art Print by The Little HumbugsBoys Chevron Shorts by Little Poppet Handmade
Furious Kingston Boys Amigos Tee
Handmade Crocheted Monkey Toy
Wallfry Dog Art Nursery Print
Go Home Jr Tony T-Rex Toy
Retro Robot Wall Stickers by 41 Orchard
Handmade Boys Monster Shorts - Paul and PaulaHavoc Denim Boys Skater Shorts

*Not all of these products are handmade, some are limited edition releases from our favourite independently owned stores.

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