Cool, Creative, Crafty Calendars for 2013

Keeping tracking of the days never looked so good! Today’s crafty collage incorporates a creative collection of cool calenders from a bunch of inspirational artists (oh boy, that was a mouthful… try to say that sentence fast five times). There’s wall calendars, poster calendars, desk calendars, and clipboard calendars… enjoy!

Cool, Creative, Artistic, Illustrated, Poster, Wall Calendars 2013

  1. Flora and Fauna Printable 2013 Calendar by Print Pretty
  2. The Connoisseur Calendar Poster by Milk and Cookies
  3. 2013 Cute Fruit & Veg Calendar by Loopz
  4. Sun Lion Wall Calendar Poster by Strawberry Luna
  5. 2013 Illustrated Calendar by Steph Says Hello
  6. Good News All Year Round Calendar by The Good Old Days
  7. 2013 Moustache Calendar by Two Paper Dolls
  8. Primate Letterpress Calendar by Blackbird Letterpress
  9. 2013 Character Calendar by Tutticonfetti
  10. 2013 Extraordinary Calendar by Jackie Somerville
  11. Oh Hello 2013 Calendar by Blushface
  12. Cute Creatures Calendar 2013 by Govango

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