Creative Cravings... Check Your Specs!

What do you get when you take a bunch of felt, an assortment of fabric, some fluffy stuffing, a pair of spectacles, and a sewing machine? A bunch of hipster softies with an offbeat attitude and a whole lot of swagger… of course! Oh, and also one Blythe doll with a wicked sense of humour.

Dolls and Toys with Glasses, Spectacles

  1. Leopold, The Retro Raccoon Plush by One Little Red Fox
  2. Blythe Moustache Hipster Glasses by 24PM
  3. Custom Handmade Dolls with Glasses by Warm Sugar
  4. Velma Hipster Doll with Plaid Dress by Celine’s Dolls
  5. Red-Caped Beatnik Rabbit Softie by Cat Rabbit
  6. Shane the Hipster Cat Art Doll by Waffles + Spice
  7. Tiffany Cloth Doll and Bunny Doll by Gizu’s Doll World
  8. Custom Rag Doll with Glasses by Bedros Designs

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2 comments to Creative Cravings… Check Your Specs!

  • Gizem Can

    Thank you so much for including my Tiffany Cloth Doll and Bunny Doll! Have a lovely day! ♥

  • Shelley Rasmussen

    I love the hipster cat by Waffles and Spice. Very creative design and the fabrics used are purrrrfect for the cat! I think that this designer is right-on with her designs and creations. Check out her other animals! They are really cute and unique!

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