Good Morning My Love by Verid Music

Verid has just released a remastered version of her 2012 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winning album Good Morning My Love. This is a lovely album for new parents and can be enjoyed in both quite times and during play. Rumour has it that Verid may also be releasing a DVD to teach the methodology of her Mother and Child workshops, so stay tuned!

Good Morning My Love - Verid

Verid is a music therapist with a background in clinical psychology. Her album is grounded in attachment theory and infant psychology and aims to facilitate bonding between parents and infants by promoting awareness of how music can be used to establish routines, organise play and learning time, soothe and build security.

OnĀ Good Morning My Love you’ll find songs for routines such as “sleep” and “bathtime”, as well as songs for playtime such as “bikeride” and “flying hands” which incorporate facial expressions, hand and body movements.

Here’s a little video of a mothers group enjoying Verid’s song with their babies.

You can read more about the theory behind Verid’s music at her website, or listen to a few more tracks.

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