Just another manic monkey...

Happy Monday, and welcome to the start of another wonderful week. I can’t think of very many animal themed posts that could be more fun than a page full of monkeys, so I thought I’d start off the week with a menagerie of mayhem and merriment. Wishing you a joyful day filled with giggles, laughs and belly-aches.

Handmade Monkeys, Toys, Softies, Rattles, Crochet, Plushies

  1. Clementine The Monkey by Blabla
  2. Zubels Rockstar Monkey Rattle by A Little Bit of Cheek
  3. Grey Crochet Monkey by Anne Claire Petit
  4. Blue Stripe Crochet Monkey by La De Dah Kids
  5. Eleven the Small-for-his-Age Monkey by Lilikin & Friends
  6. Rocco Monkey Fabric Softie by Living Textiles
  7. Orla Monkey Rattle by Shak-Shuka
  8. Hari the Lambswool Monkey by MessyFishDotCom
  9. Rainbow Monkey Softie by Bonnie Jacobs
  10. Lambswool Monkey Long Legs by Sally Nencini
  11. Coral Stripe Crochet Monkey by Ethical Living
  12. Chunky Monkey Softie by Boo-Biloo
  13. Red Patchwork Toy Monkey by V&A Enterprises
  14. Amigurumi Monkey Keychain by SIDRUNsZoo

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