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I’d like to start today’s review by acknowledging the amazing talent that Australian mums have to offer when it comes to independent design. Michele from Little Green Princess indulged my passion for fashion this week when she sent me one of her sublime “Sadhbh” playsuits to review, and boy, did I relish the task!

Little Green Princess Bamboo Children's Clothing, Playsuits, Capes, Dresses

The Product Review

For this week’s review, I enlisted the assistance of the quirkiest 2 year old that I know, Miss Hannah. After all, an outfit like this one requires romping, twirling, tumbling, frolicking, dancing, skipping and prancing, in order to truly appreciate its value.

The “Sadhbh” playsuit is named in honour of Michele’s daughter. Sadhbh is an old celtic name and this is her favourite garment from the collection. It features a 100% cotton outer and is fully lined in bamboo/sorona which is amazingly soft and silky. I was a bit worried about washing it after play, but it came up very nicely after a delicate machine wash, dried over the back of a deck chair.

My favourite aspect of the Sadhbh Playsuit is the delicate ruching and pleating, which adds to an already charming silhouette. The shoulders are elasticised for comfort, and Michele’s fabric choices are superb. This is an outfit that has a certain magic when paired with the free spirit and active imagination of a young child.

The Verdict… Wildly whimsical, and fabulously fun!

The Indie Label

Little Green Princess┬ástarted out in late 2010 as just a few ideas in Michele’s mind. She explains, “These ideas grew into a few cute outfits I made for my daughter for ballet. Other parents at class kept asking where I bought her clothes from, which inspired me to take the ideas further. This lead to the introduction of “Little Green Princess” earlier this year.”

Michele chose her business name to reflect several aspects of her life. “Green” represents the eco friendly and sustainable aspect of the label, and also comes from Michele’s Irish heritage. “Little Princess” is her beautiful daughter.

The Creative Mind

I’m always inspired by the creativity of Mums like Michele, so I asked her to explain her design process:

“My design process is currently very lengthy as I also teach part time. It usually starts with a few ideas that can come to me at very strange times of the day. I keep a sketch book and jot these down. I then make a sample and get my “Little Princess” to try it out.”

“I have to admit she is the most honest tester I have come across – never afraid to tell Mum if she doesn’t like the style, or it’s too long or too tight, or sometimes blankly refusing to wear it, or sometimes wearing it for several days! Then I know whether it’s a hit or not!”

“From here it goes into production. I have a great pattern maker who refines the ideas for me, I grade the patterns and then it all happens. I source all materials within Australia and use Bamboo Fabrics.”

The Inspiration

As you can see from Michele’s recent photoshoot (with Iris Photography), her style is artistic, fanciful and filled with spirit. She lists her daughter as her number one inspiration.

“My daughter has a fascination with clothes and dressing up as most little girls do. I was horrified at the amount of lycra, nylon and man made fibres used in girls clothes, particularly the ones she was drawn too. I wanted to provide fun clothing without the fuss, frills or copious amounts of plastic involved.”

“Watching children play I love how the simplest things evoke their imagination. I wanted to provide this with simple comfortable garments that have features that will transpire into each child’s own little imaginative game… fairy wings, super hero capes, ballerina skirts, dancing leotards etc.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Michele, in her own words:

  1. I am Irish, arrived here in 2001 with a backpack, fell in love and had a beautiful daughter and made this our home.

  2. I am a Teacher.

  3. I love to talk, nothing better than a night out/in with the girls, good food, good wine, great company!

Limited Edition

Little Green Princess caters for little girls (aged 2-4) and creates a range of environmentally sound dress up clothing, using mainly bamboo fabrics. The debut collection includes the 1950’s swimwear inspired Sadhbh playsuits, Bamboo 3 tier tutu style dresses, Bamboo velour waistcoats with tie dyed wings, and a cape with a gathered hood. You can purchase the range online, or visit Little Green Princess on Facebook for all the latest news.

Little Green Princess Bamboo Children's Clothing, Playsuits, Capes, Dresses

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