Designer of the Week - Puppy Dogs Tails

It’s especially fun to share a new designer of the week each Wednesday with the festive season happily creeping closer. Today’s designer, Holly from Puppy Dogs Tails, is a mum of three (with another one on the way) from Townsville, QLD with a penchant for fun fabrics and handmade delights.

Puppy Dogs Tails handmade car seat liner

The Product Review

In review today we have one of Puppy Dogs Tails signature items, the car seat liner. The thing that I liked most about this little creation (apart from the mischievous sock monkeys, which I adore) is the fact that it features three layers of protection, making it more than just a decoration.

The top “feature” layer is made from 100% cotton, then there’s a thin middle layer of bamboo or absorbent cotton towelling to contain little accidents without adding bulk to the liner, and a waterproof bottom layer made of PUL. The liners are trimmed with either an FOE or cotton binding.

The verdict… Perfectly practical, with a playful twist.

The Indie Label

Holly developed her passion for children’s clothing after the birth of her sons, and the subsequent realisation that it’s much harder to find stylish handmade garments for little boys. She explains, “Usual story – after I started making things for my sons, my friends started asking if they could buy them and then Facebook got invited to the party and I was reaching a much wider audience with my creations.”

Handmade Baby Capsule Cover

The Creative Mind

Holly draws inspiration for her designs from her children, and feedback from her customers. She likes to play with funky fabric combinations, and also aims to add practicality to her creations.

Holly says, “Usually I try out new things in response to a request from a friend or a customer, or because I have come across a need for something and can’t find a product that fills it to my satisfaction. For example, the car seat liners came about as a result of having to constantly wash my seat cover as my eldest was always making a mess in it or having accidents while toilet training.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Holly (in her own words):

  1. I am completely tone-deaf and so can’t tell the difference between the bad singers and the good ones on shows like the X-Factor.  Needless to say I suck at karaoke.

  2. I can also knit and crochet, having been taught at a very young age. However, the tropical north QLD weather does not lend itself to working with wool so I prefer to sew these days.

  3. I managed to complete 3 University degrees in 5 ½ years – and none of them have anything to do with the creative process I am now engaged in.

The Handmade Collection

The Puppy Dogs Tails collection includes a range of seat liners, capsule covers, board shorts, tops, and sets. Holly designs all of her clothing to grow with your child by adding adjustable drawstrings or elastic waists and fold-up cuffs. You can purchase her items via the Puppy Dogs Tails website, or submit a custom order through her Facebook page.

Puppy Dogs Tails handmade car seat liner, children's clothing

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