Fresh Baked Friday - World Sing-Along

The folks at Putumayo Kids have just released a new album called World Sing-Along, which includes 11 songs from a variety of cool artists (Dan Zanes, Angelique Kidjo, Asheba, Frances England, Father Goose, etc.), and ends with the beautiful “Around the World” by the Pihcintu Multinational Children’s Chorus. This chorus features girls and young women from war-torn nations.

Putumayo Kids World Sing-Along

On this CD you’ll find well-known songs from around the globe, including Jorge Anaya’s “La Cucaracha” and the Fiddler’s Green Bush Band’s version of the Australian classic “Waltzing Matilda”. I think my favourite would have to be Asheba’s “Ah Sailor” from Trinidad. It’s super funky… flick through the tracks below to listen to it.

I enjoyed this Putumayo release so much that I actually listened to it twice in a row, even though I’m here all by myself!

You can find Putumayo Kids World Sing-Along on CD or via iTunes, and the range is also available via LeapFrog’s app center.

Oh, and if you’re looking for Christmas gifts, check out the Children of the World 2013 calendar.

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