Alice Garrick shares her story of Family

I met Australian musician Alice Garrick in 2011 with the release of her debut children’s album “Songs of Connection”. Alice has recently released a second CD called “Play is Serious Business” and today she has joined us to share the story behind her beautiful song, “Family”. You can view the video clip for Family below, or visit Alice’s website to sample the complete album… Take it away Alice!

Australian Musician Alice Garrick

I wrote the song ‘Family’ at the end of 2011 and it is included as the first track on my new album, ‘Play is Serious Business’, released in December 2012.

My friend Danny is a primary teacher and a mum to two little girls. Danny is gay and her little girls have two loving mums. Danny wanted to share with her daughters some books and songs that showed different sorts of families. Everyday, Danny saw in her classroom children that didn’t relate to the ‘mum and dad and a couple of kids’ family. Kids who had two mums, single dads, lived with grandparents, were foster kids, lived between two houses – you know, normal families. Books that showed different sorts of families were hard to come by, so Danny wrote a play which she has since turned into a book, ‘Matilda’s Project’.

Danny approached me about writing a song for her play. The play reflected Danny’s passion – sharing, celebrating and normalising the wonderful diversity of families. The concept connected into my passion – encouraging securely attached relationships between kids and their grown-ups and supporting and nurturing children’s emotional development.

I had been trying to form a song on this very subject for a few years but I hadn’t yet found the way I wanted to talk about families and celebrating difference. I wanted to talk about families in a real way – kids are familiar with divorce, with change, with difference; but also in an optimistic way. I wanted to celebrate that while families are sometimes messy and can be very different from each other, a family can be connected, can be loving and is very normal whether a child lives with their grandparents, lives between two houses, has gay parents or is in a foster family. With the motivation and inspiration of writing for Danny’s play, I wrote the song ‘Family’ and it was used as part of Danny’s play, ‘Matilda’s Project’ in the Midsumma Festival in Melbourne in the summer of 2012.

Families are wonderful things. Every child deserves to feel connected, to feel secure, enveloped, grounded and loved within a family. To have a family as a compass point and a place of refuge. A family can be reflected in intentional relationships and doesn’t have to be bound by a traditional shape. We can share and celebrate with our children the wonderful normalness of every kind of family.

You can listen to more tracks, or purchase ‘Play is Serious Business’ via Alice Makes Music.

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