Amor Amor presents, the birth of the Monster Bib!

I met Luisa, Juliana and Viviana from Amor Amor earlier this year when I had the pleasure of reviewing their Monster Legging Kit. As an avid lover of monsters and other oddities, I was immediately drawn to their offbeat illustrative style. Today I’ve invited this cheerful trio to share the inside scoop on their design process… in particular, their marvellous Monster Bib!

Take it away guys…

Amor Amor Monster Baby Bibs Design Process

The creative process of producing Amor Amor bibs (as is any of our Amor Amor products) is generally very free flowing, although we tend to cover three stages before we get to the final product.

Our product and design stage often begins with the three of us brainstorming ideas. Sometimes we get so excited and creative we lose track of things. We just love dreaming and imagining and get lost in the ideas of all the different products we can produce.

This brainstorming stage is all about letting our imaginations come to life in words and remembering those times when we were kids. This comes pretty easily as when we see these little Monsters on our screens or sketchbooks the magical worlds easily follow. We must say, the great thing about thinking like a kid is that there are no limits! Riding a rainbow on a magical skateboard across the galaxy is not impossible in a child’s mind.

Luisa and Viviana love to get together and daydream about the fantasy worlds where each of the characters live. Next, Luisa starts doing lots and lots of black and white illustrations/sketches of these magical worlds.

Amor Amor Monster Baby Bibs Design Process

In the illustration/sketch stage Luisa has a free drawing style (and just between us, she doesn’t have much patience with this step). She sits down with a few sharpies in different tip sizes and lots of paper and transfers her ideas into print.

She always keeps her iPad next to her for quick reference on pre-saved images of shapes, colours and figures that inspire her.

Amor Amor Monster Baby Bibs Design Process

In the next step, Luisa makes all the artwork digital; She scans the sketches, imports them into Illustrator and/or Photoshop and starts twitting and fixing intricate lines. She changes colour tones and sizes until she has a few options to present. Once the preliminary artwork is done Luisa sends the image/s to Viviana and Juliana for feedback. She then makes necessary changes and all going well we can prepare for printing shortly after! Here’s a look at the finished product…

Amor Amor Monster Baby Bibs Design Process

Amor Amor creates a range of unique children’s clothing, stationery, accessories, and party products. You can view the their collection online, or visit them on Facebook for all the latest news.

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