Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Do you have a furry four-legged friend living at your place? Do you regularly wake up to a lick on the face? Pancaked, headbutted and rolled on each morning? Running circles around your legs as you slink out of bed yawning? Add your puppy to your Christmas gift list! Collars, treats and toys… you get the gist!

Dog Gifts, Collars, Leads, Toys, Treats, Bowls, Beds

  1. Queen of Hearts Leather Dog Collar by Rogue Royalty
  2. Woodstock Collar & Lead Set by Tolly & Applewood
  3. Turkey & Cranberry Cookies for Dogs by Jollie
  4. Foldable Dog Bowl by DOOG
  5. The Argyle Bow Tie by Charlie Diesel
  6. Modern Pet Bowls by Fellipet
  7. 100% Organic Hand-Knit Dog Donuts by Roni & Cheese
  8. Personalised Wood Owl Laser Cut Pet ID Tag by Cropscotch
  9. Robot Dog Toy by Mungo & Maud
  10. Green Fleece Turtle Dog Toy by Studio Tree
  11. Chevron Dog Bed Cover by The Olive Crow
  12. Hot Pink Polka Dot Dog Collar by SillyBuddy

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