Everything Makes a Sound - Preschool of Rock

This week I’ve been sorting through a bunch of children’s albums, putting together a a road trip CD for the school holidays. The final track on the playlist is called “The Family Song” from the new children’s CD by Preschool of Rock, and today I thought I’d share my review of the whole album.

Everything Makes a Sound - Preschool of Rock - Michael Napolitano

Preschool of Rock’s “Everything Makes a Sound” is a creative project of Michael Napolitano. Michael is a second generation drummer who works with rhythm as tool to promote child development, social connections, and focus for kids. He’s the founder of the New Jersey-based “Preschool of Rock” music classes, and on this album, takes kids on a musical journey through “tribal rhythms, indie melodic hooks, and punk rock beats”.

Preschool of Rock - Michael Napolitano

“Everything Makes a Sound” is jam-packed with family classics. These songs will have you warping into a six-year-old version of yourself, jumping, dancing and singing along with your kids, as you enjoy Michael’s wacky lyrics and upbeat musical stylings.

My personal favourites include track one “Off to School”, track three “Safari Song” and track seven “Cupcake Song”. I also love the innovation behind the title track, “Everything Makes a Sound” which uses no traditional instruments, instead creating music with the use of everyday objects such as a set of keys, books, paper, compressed air, whistles and singing.

You can take a listen to “Everything Makes a Sound” at the Preschool of Rock website, where you can also download singles, or the complete album.

The verdict? Exuberant, energetic, creative and easy on your (parental) ears.

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